What makes us different?

Most of the commonly used toys in these days are made from plastic and last for just one season, if at all. Children are getting used to these properties and adapt their behavior to it. Objects break easily, are irreparable and thus must be thrown away. Short-lived, fast and valueless characterize many today’s toys.

These unsustainable trends of many present-day toys and the passion for classic vehicles sparked the idea of Ambosstoys. The founders had the vision of creating toys in timeless designs (like classic vehicles) and made of metal sheets that hold for a lifetime. ‘Amboss’ means anvil in German, hence Ambosstoys as the anvil is synonym for handcraft, metal and longevity.  In other words, the mission of Ambosstoys is to offer quality, meaningful and valuable toys made of metal in a classic timeless design. You buy value when purchasing toys from Ambosstoys!

The first product of Ambosstoys is called “PRIMO”, a ride-on toy in the design of a classic Italian scooter.