Cork - From nature to the heart of the playroom

Our toys are produced using cork from a Portuguese oak forest. Up to 4.6 million tonnes of CO2 are captured in this forest under the Portuguese sun every year. Unlike with wooden toys, the trees are not chopped down. In order to obtain our cork, only the tree bark is removed and it can be harvested again after approx. 9 years as part of our careful hand-crafted process. This is because cork is a rapidly renewable raw material. Regular removal of the bark also helps to absorb further CO2 from the atmosphere. This is how we are able to ensure our toys are climate-neutral and made in Europe – for the sake of the environment and all future generations to come!


Alongside its environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral products, Korko features a loyal companion which allows children to delve into a more sustainable world. The cute owl Coco playfully guides little ones through harvesting the bark as well as the production process of the Korko building blocks, and shows them a variety of different materials. Our Coco teaches little ones about the harmony between people, animals and nature, and, in this way, guides them in leading a climate-conscious lifestyle.

Design & collection

But it was a long road to reach this point – paying close attention to detail and driven by the idea of creating innovative toys, our designer, herself a mother to two children, brought Korko to life with her wide-reaching creativity and expertise. Inspired by the classic Fröbel design, the first Korko product is a set of building blocks.
Classic yet innovative – the building blocks of the future.